Front Software Engineer

DataHawk Technologies is hiring!


Hey you - did you know that over 50% of retail e-commerce for physical goods takes place in a marketplace model, and that Amazon captures over 50% of the market in the US? Now you do.

πŸ’‘ What We Do

We are a B2B Big Data and Business Intelligence software-as-a-service company operating in the new ecommerce reality, Marketplaces. Our mission is to help brands and retailers thrive on Amazon and other Marketplaces with our Search Engine Marketing, Market Intelligence, and Business Analytics software that assists them in growing their sales and improving their margins.

Everyday, our technology collects and analyzes hundreds of thousands of data points on products, search queries, brands, sellers, sales, and advertising efforts. This trove of uniquely-blended data can be leveraged to give our clients unparalleled business insights.

🎯 Our Achievements

Started in 2017 and launched in 2018 originally as a side-business by Isaac DUPLAN, Sylvain PAGET, and Othmane SGHIR, we currently serve hundreds of brands, retailers, and agencies, from solo-entrepreneurs, to micro-businesses, SMBs and large firms, mainly in the US and other countries.

Bootstrapped until recently, we're backed by Axeleo Capital and top Business Angels after a c. $1M Seed round in June 2019. Back in August 2019, we were still a 3-persons army, as of October 2019, we're a team of 7 and we're now hitting the gas and looking for kick-ass smart people to join our founding team.

Job Description

🌠Product & Tech Approach

To give you a glimpse about how we approach product and tech, think of the following: data -a lot of it, team spirit, scalability, smart processes, automations, clear roadmap.

Our current stack includes technologies and tools such as .NET Core, Typescript, SQL Server, ElasticSearch, Angular 6, Webpack, Bootstrap, SCSS, Grafana, Seq, Git, Octopus and many more.

For this role, you will be working hand-in-hand with Isaac our CTO and Sylvain our CPO.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

  • Design, develop, maintain and improve our product, with a focus on usability, scalability and user experience.
  • Create elegant solutions to interesting engineering problems.
  • Bring your opinions and voice to the table and help shape the future growth and development of our platform.
  • Contribute to team best practices.
  • Challenging and optimizing implementations together with the team.
  • Develop comprehensive automated tests for features via unit tests, acceptance tests and end-to-end integration tests.
  • Ensuring the product remains scalable and the codebase remains maintainable.
  • Work in an agile team and delivering features on a daily basis.

πŸ’ͺ The skills and experiences we're looking for

For every checkbox you can thick below, add a point. If your total is above 15, you're the kind of battalion we want on board - let's meet! If your total is above 20, holy #$^Β°#, we really, like really, really should meet.

Previous work background

  • [ ] 3+ years experience in building strong web applications
  • [ ] Collaborative work in a development team
  • [ ] Experience in building a long-term product used by plenty of users

Fundamental Skills

  • [ ] Proficiency in writing web apps using industry best practices
  • [ ] Ability to design and build intuitive interfaces
  • [ ] Advanced knowledge of HTML5 / CSS3 and Webpack preprocessors
  • [ ] Perfect understanding of client/server architecture (HTTP protocol, DNS, caching, CORS, etc.)
  • [ ] Consuming REST API like a rock star
  • [ ] Advanced usage of Browser Developer Tools
  • [ ] Knowledge of package management and automation tools (npm, gulp, bower etc.)
  • [ ] Comfortable with peer-coding, code-reviews, etc.
  • [ ] Versioning tools Git and GitFlow branching model
  • [ ] Fluent in english

Human Skills

  • [ ] Creative and organized.
  • [ ] Strong communication: Convey goals, progress and issues to the wider team, including management, peers and clients
  • [ ] Agile problem solving: Understand the question behind the question and break down the problem into smaller, more easily solvable pieces
  • [ ] Healthy Passion: Keep up-to-date on advances in the field and be aware of the latest technological advances
  • [ ] Self-Starting Motivation: Experiment and explore; take risks, but stay persistent while facing roadblocks

Supporting Skills

  • [ ] Empathic with customers pains
  • [ ] Advanced UX skills
  • [ ] Graphics sensibility
  • [ ] Data visualization skills

Preferred Experience

πŸ‘‘The person we're looking for

We are looking for a Senior Frontend Software Engineer for our team focusing on building the smoothest product for our customers. This open position comes at a particularly exciting time when we are accelerating these efforts and building our core engineering organization.

Recruitment Process

  1. No traditional cover letter unless you insist on sending us over one. Ideally, we'd rather like you to send us via email at your resume/CV and:
    1. tick the boxes above in an email while trying to give a few details on each when possible,
    2. share with us a link to your LinkedIn profile,
    3. add any comment or relevant information or achievements but keep it to the point.
  2. Quick call (10-15min) to get acquainted
  3. Upon a positive feedback, you'll go through a 2-hours interview:
    1. 45-60 minutes with our 3-persons founding team
    2. 15 minutes coffee/beer & chat
    3. 45-60 minutes questionnaire and case study followed by a thank you chat
  4. Upon a positive feedback, you'll have a short workshopw with us to co-build your potential role in details for the next 12 months, followed by a final unformal drink with our team.
  5. Upon a positive feedback, you'll receive our offer after a few days.
  6. If you join us, you'll go through an onboarding program to help you get started smoothly.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Start Date: 01 March 2020
  • Location: Paris, France (75011)
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Experience: > 2 years
  • Punctual
  • Salary: between 45000€ and 50000€ / year